Our Vision is a Community Where Everyone is Safe and Engaged

At Parkville Manor we believe that the health, safety and meaningful socialization of our residents is a top priority. We understand that many of our residents once lived beyond the borders of our community, and naturally with any change there is bound to be some fear and uncertainty about moving to a downtown neighbourhood. At Parkville it is our responsibility to provide our community with peace of mind and an ensured sense of security as they go about living their lives.

I always walk to my bank, appointments, Midtown Plaza, Starbucks and to Church. I go out almost everyday. I have always felt safe and have never felt unsafe at anytime. I love it that I live downtown. We do have security outside of the building just so we feel even more safe. I would never want to move to another location. - G.Thuringer

We are always happy to discuss the safety measures and protocols we have put in place to maximize security and peace of mind. Below are some of the measures have put in place:

  • Parkville Manor employee a full time security team to patrol our entrance and the property perimeter from 6pm to 5am daily.
  • We have increase lighting around the building to keep the buildings exterior well-lit and all areas visible at all times. (This lighting does not interfere with residents' homes in anyway.)
  • Our entrance is secure with a security camera and deadbolt locks, as well as an active state-of-the-art alarm system installed to monitor for unwanted activity.
  • We maintain strict protocols for when family and friends come to visit, where all visitors are buzzed-in via the door code and checked in upon arrival.
I have lived at Parkville Manor for many years. The security is tighter than a freshwater clam! You can't even enter the building without your fob card. Every resident has been made aware of people that do not live in our building and under no circumstances that they are allowed inside the building as they enter themselves. We are aware there is crime downtown, but we have never felt unsafe or had any incidents. We have residents that walk daily or go do errands and have never been bothered or felt unsafe. We also do have security walking the grounds to keep us protected at all times. - W. Marcella

Parkville Manor is safely situated on the outskirts of downtown and walking distance to local parks and churches where residents are able to frequently visit. When residents leave on either their daily walks or request the shuttle van service, each individual is checked to make sure they are safe, and their needs are being met.

I've been a resident at Parkville Manor for over 10 years now. I would definitely recommend Parkville Manor for anybody who is looking for a place to rent or move in permanently. The staff are very professional, friendly, and personable. They always make me feel like we are all one big family, and care about one another. It makes me feel safe inside and out that there is always someone you can call at any hour day or night and they are here to protect the seniors at all levels and all costs. The lengths that the staff went through for us as seniors during the Covid-19 Pandemic was above and beyond anything that I expected. It was amazing. Please consider Parkville Manor as a safe place for your family and friends. - G. Murphy

We are always here to listen to our community and make sure our residents feel safe in their home. We welcome any feedback or suggestions to making Parkville Manor one of the safest, not to mention funnest, senior retirement homes in Saskatoon.

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