The biggest smiles are the spontaneous ones!

When it comes to senior retirement living in Saskatoon, we love to live in the moment.

That's what an Underage Senior does.

They refuse to let age stand in their way. They appreciate privacy as much as they enjoy the company of friends. As independent seniors, they've learned that life is a balance between new adventures, comfort levels and simply being themselves.

At Parkville Manor there's nothing phony about the smile, nod or hello waiting to greet you as the elevator door opens. Parkville culture is about a shared respect between residents and our team – one that's anchored in understanding and real conversations.

The cruise ship mentality doesn't work here. As Saskatoon's premiere senior housing destination, we don't believe life should be reduced to bingo or mealtime.

What best defines an Underage Senior? Authenticity sprinkled with a healthy dose of laughter, wisdom and a streak of spontaneity.

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