Parkville Manor
Terry Verbeke

Enjoying life is not something you compromise.

Everyone who provides senior retirement housing likes to trumpet features and benefits. Fact is – any credible independent senior living facility should have great food, wonderful suites, and an array of unique lifestyle choices.

For us the amenities are a non-negotiable, but what sets us apart as advocates of Saskatoon Seniors is what we believe. We believe that stretching perspectives regarding the role of seniors in our society will help improve the way people grow old today, and for future generations.

Changing the way people grow old is about learning to appreciate and respect seniors as equal community partners. It demands a level of authenticity that accurately reflects the realities of life, values laughter and independence – and gives people a voice in the decisions made on their behalf.

It's part of a quest as a society to stop judging seniors in terms of their age and embrace life experiences, vitality and passion. As a Parkville community we believe there's a 'big kid' living in us – just waiting to come out and play.

Terry Verbeke
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