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To Live Longer You Need to Get Moving!

It is Simple – To Live longer you need to get 


By Mitchell Mingie, Director of Sales and Marketing  Parkville Manor


Have you ever been sick or just not feeling like yourself? You feel stiff, slow and your strength seems to have disappeared! All of a sudden you start thinking, "if I had to run I just don’t have the stamina," and just thinking about it makes you tired.

Our bodies, especially our muscles, are made to be worked. By working these muscles your lungs, heart, and circulation are also getting a much-deserved workout. The reward is quite simple – You'll feel better and have more energy. It may seem like a strange concept that if you work out and continue exercising you end up with more energy stamina but it's true! In fact, you'll also sleep better. This all adds up to living longer and better.

I have put together a small list to get you moving which in turn will move you into a healthier tomorrow.

     Start by doing something every day. What you want to do is to reverse the couch potato routine and start forming good habits. Add the following into your daily routine and you'll soon start to see the benefits. At Parkville Manor we have 9:15 am exercise classes for everyone....every day! Our philosophy is to keep moving and to make it a part of your daily routine. Most of our residents embark on an exercise regiment almost daily! They are a prime example of living longer and feeling better. Call us and come to one of our classes. 306-933-9394. These classes make such a difference in the lives of our residents. Every day is a little different with some walking, stretching, lower and upper body strengthening routines.

      Long Term Goals should fit both Health and Fitness into a program. Both are closely tied together as one helps the other. A fitness program can entail everything from Chair Yoga to Ballroom Dancing. At Parkville Manor, we encompass both within our weekly activities Calendar.

     1. Attitude: Here's a big one. I have dealt with many people over the years and I have had to change the way they think about exercise. Example: I had a gentleman whose health was failing and the management team came together, as a decision had to be made within a few weeks to move him to a level 3 home. In this meeting, I volunteered to speak to this very proud man. After dinner that night I spoke to him and his wife in the comforts of their own residence. At the beginning, he told me “I have never exercised in my life and I do not intend to start now”. One thing that was on my side was that I had built a 100% trust factor with all the residents. So, I told him the honest truth of where he was heading and what his life would be like in the very near future (weeks away). I, of course, did this very diplomatically but still got my point across. I asked him to sleep on it and I would talk with him the following morning. In the morning the man agreed...but only if I helped him at the beginning. I immediately complied. That afternoon I had a plan for him with the help of the Activities Co-coordinator, and we got him started on his new Health and Fitness path. Within two weeks a man, who could not lift his feet when walking and shuffled his way along, was now able to walk normally and had no problems getting up or down. He was able to change his attitude and it saved his life. Today he is into his 90’s and loving his active lifestyle.

     2. Finding innovative ways to become more active: By this I mean we as a population are spending more time sitting than we have ever seen before. With computers, TV, passing chores over to gardener, house painters, etc. we have begun to live more sedentary lifestyles.  We have even stopped, or given up, on some of our favorite past time activities like golf, skiing, and skating. These are just to mention a few. So why not take small breaks to stretch, bend and move? Your body will thank you! Be creative and add these small yet powerful 2-10 minute exercise breaks throughout your day and you'll soon begin to see the enormous impact it can make in your life. 

    3. Conscious Decision becomes the Subconscious Behavior: This I think is the biggest idea I have. First look around you as you go through your daily routine and watch the people around you. Watch how they hold themselves. Do they act like someone who has given up? Are they bent over, breathing shallowly with a slow walk? This form gradually sneaks up on you without you knowing it until one day someone mentions to you “My you seem old!" If you find yourself in this position it is never too late to change. Start recognizing your posture. Stand tall with shoulder back and head position over your body (not like a turtle) and walk like you have a purpose. Breath using your stomach muscles and really expand the rib cage to completely fill your lungs. Take long and powerful breaths. The result is that it becomes very relaxing for you as you are using your body the way it was designed. If you do it long enough and build upon this posture while walking and carrying on in your daily activities it will become subconscious. Start doing it in 1,2,5,10 minute intervals and build on it every day.

     The moral of the story is that even little changes, however insignificant, can truly change your life...and it's never too late for change!


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