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15 Reasons to live in a Retirement Community and Considering a move to Parkville Manor

15 Reasons to live in a Retirement Community and Considering a move to Parkville Manor

By Mitchell Mingie, Director of Sales and Marketing

In today’s world, there are so many choices. Everywhere you turn you are being bombarded to make more and more decisions. Discovering all those new choices as you head into retirement can be daunting. Many people believe that they will never leave their home and for the very few, that may be the right choice. However, for most of the population, the benefits of an Independent Senior Living Community will far outweigh the few perks of staying at home. All the seniors I have talked with over my 20 years of working with them constantly tell us four things.

1) “Wish They Moved Earlier to The Community”

2) “They Prefer Life in Their New Home”

3) “They Can’t Imagine Living Anywhere Else”

4) “I Feel Like Myself Again – I Was Missing That in Myself”

Independent Living Communities today range from homelike and comfortable to all-inclusive luxury in park-like settings. This style of living is for independent and active seniors. They choose to live in an independent community and need no assistance or help with daily activities. They are however looking to enhance their senior years, meet new people, stay connected and to socialize.

There are many factors to consider before ruling out a life of freedom in an Independent Living Community. I have gathered up 15 benefits to consider that will change your mind about living in an Independent Living Community.

     1.  Social:

One of the biggest and most important aspects of living large in a community is socialization. Far too often seniors do not get enough social interaction and become withdrawn from society. This of course leads to so many complications leading to such things as depression and drug interventions. This only leads to a spiraling effect which leaves mom and/or dad and family in chaos, or worse yet, crisis mode.

Living in a community provides countless opportunities to socialize, make connections, develop new lifelong friendships and sometimes find a new love of your life. As we get older, developing close social friendships and connections becomes more important as we face life’s challenges. These personal relationships which help prevents isolation and loneliness. Being at home alone, can lead to depression and a lack of connection to the outside world.

2.  Entertainment:

Activities stimulate the body and mind. Independent Living Communities plan and recognize the importance of that fact and afford you the time to enjoy the many activities developed by the program coordinator. Everyday a calendar is full of events, trips, social outings, cocktail hour, movie nights, dancing, live bands, yoga, exercise classes, iPad classes, bingo, theme nights, cooking demonstrations, trips to shopping- golf courses and banking is available to residents. Even our private shuttle drives residents to and from doctors’ appointments.  A senior community is everything you need and more. The best part about it is you have choices. It is your choice to participate in everything or nothing on any given day. Regardless of your mood, there is always something to enjoy.

    3. Worry Free Living from Home Repair and Maintenance:

Freedom (as many will call it,) from contractors arriving, sorting through estimates and waiting for contractors to show up on time becomes a non-issue in an Independent Living Community. How many times have you been told that a plumber, 

electrician, etc. will arrive and you spend hours waiting only to find out that you have been re-scheduled for another day? This does not happen in a community as it becomes the job of the property owner to maintain the premises. As you age you develop physical ailments and routine maintenance around the house can become unmanageable. The idea of fixing huge problems gets even more daunting and can carry a lot of stress. Moving to an Independent Senior Living Community eliminates the hassle, cost, and stress associated with property ownership. For those green thumb gardeners, the idea of maintaining a vast plot becomes a distant dream. However, most communities have a gardening committee and typically allow a small plot and or container garden to grow your beloved fruit and vegetables in. By making the move to an Independent Senior Living Community, the cost associated with a home problem is eliminated.


      4.   Depreciation of The Home:

This is a topic most people do not view as a priority. Think of all the things you must do just to maintain your home. Mowing the lawn, shoveling the snow, pulling the weeds and changing light bulbs are all tasks that require your care and attention. These items are typically the more manageable tasks and even those can become a burden. It’s looking after the roof, windows, foundations, and paint that can become overwhelming. Almost every single senior neglects their home. This neglect can be seen in similar actions such as skipping breakfast, lunch or dinner because the energy it takes to cook can just become too much for one individual. In the end, the home (or the person) ultimately pay the final price. When it comes time to put your home up for sale you could be in for a shock. A good realtor will tell you the market value of your home and if you have been negligent in its upkeep your market analysis will confirm it. If you think that you can still ask the same price as the property across the street (which has been maintained over the years) you may be in for a surprise. When an offer comes in, the new owners will likely request an inspection. Inspections look closely at the maintenance of the home and search for any signs of neglect to the property. In the event of a less-than-stellar inspection you may find yourself receiving a ‘Low Ball Offer.'  If you fight the offer by insisting upon your asking your price the new purchaser will most likely walk away. You suddenly may find yourself in a lose-lose situation. The other tough thing to understand is if you have accepted an offer and it is subject to an inspection, that inspector may find a lot of things wrong with your home. Upon the completion of an inspection they will provide a list of any deficiencies and present them to the new purchasers. These purchasers will ask for a major price decrease to cover all the years of neglect. You end up in a tight spot, because typically if you refuse the new proposed purchase price they will walk away. Moving into an Independent Living Community means you will no longer need to worry about, or be responsible for, maintaining your home. Now that’s what I call Worry Free Living.

5.  Healthy Food and Proper Nutrition:

Many seniors live alone and fall into the trap of not eating properly. It starts by skipping meals and not wanting to go out and shop for healthy groceries.

If you have recently been left single, coping with cooking and not eating properly can be a nightmare. Proper nutrition is essential to maintaining your health. Without proper meals and healthy lifestyles, we inevitably deteriorate. Moving into a community such as Parkville Manor provides you with three nutritional meals a day in a fine dining atmosphere. Plus snacks after breakfast, lunch and dinner every day of the week, just to make sure you’re always taken care of. We even offer three alternative meals at lunch and dinner to accommodate special dietary needs. The added bonus of this means you get to eliminate meal preparation, shopping, and those dreaded dishes. At Parkville Manor, all meals are chef prepared and eating can be fun again. Just think of all the time you’ll save to pursue other interests and hobbies! Plus, with that extra time you’ll be able to socialize with new friends. The biggest improvement one will see is in their health and well being. Three perfectly planned meals, snacks and more free time means a better quality of life for you!  Within one week you will begin to feel better, have more strength and be stronger to fight off colds and other ailments.

6.  Improvement in Family Relationships:

As you age you become more dependent on your children or other family members. Role reversals become common and the children in the family become parents to their parents. 

This of course leads to frustration from all parties as they become thrown into a situation where they must set ground rules for the safety of their parents.  In fact, some think of it as ‘Babysitting” their parents. By moving into an active senior’s community everyone resumes their former roles and children can spend quality time with parents and older loved ones. Time spent together with loved ones once again becomes meaningful and usually develops into a greater appreciation of mom and dad.

7.    Throw Boredom Out the Window:

Living in an active Senior’s Living Community is anything but boring. There is always something to do for everyone. Whether you’re socializing with a group of new friends or exploring a new adventure on your own, social activity is alive and strong. The outings can be in your building or in your local community or even a bit out of town! Regardless of where you’re going we can help you get there! Down the elevator or out of the city in our private bus or van…the sky’s the limit.

8.  Driving is Stressful:

As we age driving becomes increasingly difficult. Bad habits seem to intensify, and our abilities seem to shrink. Residents love to take advantage of the free shuttle/transportation service offered by their relative communities. Parkville Manor even provides parking for those that still drive. Residents like to rely on that if the weather is bad, they have an appointment or just don’t feel like dealing with the traffic!  Wherever our residents are headed, they can rely on the Parkville Manor shuttle to drop them off and pick them up from appointments.

9. I Feel Like Myself Again:

This is one of the most important comments you are likely to overhear once you get settled in. With great nutritional food, new friends, social activities, lectures, discussion groups, chess and bridge clubs, it’s amazing how quickly you begin to feel like your old self—revitalized and ready to go! Residents get a renewed spirit about themselves and comment about feeling better, younger and more engaged than ever before.  

10.  Feeling Safe:

The best way to describe this the feeling a resident gets when they know they are safe, sound and secure. Peace of mind comes from knowing that the building has security measures implemented and is monitored 24 hours a day. Patrols outside the building are ongoing and the property is under constant surveillance. In the event of an emergency residents feel confident knowing that their suite is equipped with emergency pull switches and that they are wearing a pendant that will forward an alert to the 24-hour security or reception desk. Residents can always rest easy knowing that help is seconds away. Help is often just a floor away in most cases. Seniors who have chosen to remain in their home often feel unprotected and vulnerable. Many suffer from the fear of falling or taking ill. In some instances, seniors who succumb to a fall while living alone face the fear that they could be lying on the floor for hours or even days before someone will come to check on them. Sometimes the ability to access or call for help is not an option.

At an active Senior’s Living Residence, casual but constant monitoring of residents at lunch, dinner and throughout the day ensures that no one is left unprotected. These precautions not only give residents a sense of security but gives peace of mind to many of the residents’ families.

11.  All Inclusive Rent:   

Residents find this aspect of living liberating. No longer do you have a multitude of bills coming at you every month. Items like basic TV, internet, phone, heat, electricity and water are all included in your monthly rent.  Also, included in the rent at Parkville Manor are three meals a day and various daily snacks, weekly housekeeping, and linen and towel service. Wellness and recreation programs are also complimentary and include free transportation to medical appointments, banking, shopping and other scheduled outings. The use of our sister property, Park Town Hotel’s, aquatic and fitness centre are also perks of living at Parkville Manor. So, sit back and enjoy because at the end of the month as other seniors are scrambling around paying off bills and trying to get to the bank, you can sit back and enjoy life to the fullest.

12)  Home Support

We are happy to carry the load if you need us to! Parkville Manor living gives you various options to enjoy and extend your independent lifestyle by supporting you when you need that little bit of extra help. 

Everything we do is tailored to your preferences! If your needs change, we can adapt with you. This personalized plan can be put into place to encourage independent living, health, and peace of mind for you and your loved ones.

The Following are Included in your Home Support Plan. 

                                                             A) Housekeeping

                                                             B) Bathing Dressing & Toileting

                                                             C) Companionship

                                                             D) Laundry

                                                              E) Transportation

                                                              F) Medication

                                                              G) Foot care

Our home support plans are designed specifically for you. Each plan is as different as the person beside you. You only pay for the services required and we only charge in 15 minute intervals. Unlike other companies that have a 2-3 hour minimum, Parkville Manor only charges based on your needs.

13. Making New friends:

Isolation in older adults who live alone is a problem and is unhealthy for many reasons. It is very easy to make friends in a community as you all share meals, events and social festivities. 

There is no doubt that a large number of seniors live alone in unsafe or unhealthy situations. A move to a community like Parkville Manor would surely increases individuals sense of self-worth. Formerly house bound persons are suddenly able to live happily, actively and engaged. Living longer and living stronger is always our goal! We also know that there is a small portion of the population that are introverts and appreciate privacy. We respect your privacy, but also know that those introverts are happy knowing that people are around just in case should a problem arise.

 14)  Short Term Stays

We offer short term stays for seniors so that they can ease themselves into our community. These stays can be for a day or two or last a week. At the end of the day we want to make sure you choose the right fit for you. These stays help seniors understand what it is like to live with us. They get an opportunity to discover the benefits of the social and recreational elements of our property, enjoy our nutritious meals and try out our amenities!

 15) Respite Stays

These are specialized stays for those recovering from sickness or after surgery. They can last days or up to a few months. There is no better place to recover since we take care of everything… and you get to discover what an Active Seniors Community is all about.

Thinking of moving to an Independent Senior’s Living community?

 All it takes is one call. Start a conversation today and call us at (306) 933-9394 

to speak with a member of  Parkville Manor’s team!

Spring Has Arrived at Parkville Manor!

Welcome to the first full day of Spring in Saskatoon! To celebrate, we wanted to BBQ for our residents. It's been a very cold winter with little snow... so what better way to welcome spring than having BBQ hamburgers? It's a Canadian classic that all of our residents look forward to every year. After a long winter there is nothing better than starting Spring by starting up the Barbecue! For all of you who don't know why spring starts on March 21st, it is the day of the year when the sun passes across the Celestial Equator as it marches North. Earth's axis is tilted on an angle, so it's upon this angle that the earth rotates and thus gives us our four seasons. 


Every Friday afternoon  at 2:30 PM you'll find our Parkville Manor residents  dancing and kicking up their heels during our infamous  "Happy Hour."  Friday’s featured  band was Spectacle.  As one of our  favourite bands, we make sure we book them at Parkville Manor all the time. They have definitely made it into our regular rotation!  They love playing here, and they sure do get our residents up and  moving to the groove. Not only do our residents come to our Happy Hour, but visitors too! We get tons of outsiders wondering what all the fuss is about! We love having drop in guests attend.  So please drop in and have a dance with us. We do ask that you please call first so that we know to expect you and to make doubly sure we have enough chairs and staff to serve you during Happy Hour. 

Please call (306) 933-9394 to make your drop in reservation today. Don't forget to bring your dancing shoes.