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A Loving Reminder

As February ends, all of us at Parkville Manor want our residents, families and friends to know that we love you and helping you is what we do best. It's our top priority. Whether we are helping you  bake some scones in our very own community kitchen, or breaking a sweat at chair yoga, we hope you know how much we care. 

11 Habits of Mentally Strong People by Dr. Travis Bradberry

Dr. Travis Bradberry  wrote an article published February 20th 2017 regarding "Mentally Strong People". I believe that no matter the age of a person you can be mentally strong. The challenge is, you have to be strong to get through it. As we age, our life experience can help us through difficult times. I like to call this maturity. However sometimes age/maturity gets in the way of our abilities as we throw up blinkers that causes us to focus and we are unable to see the entire picture before us. These 11 principals are key to having a better life. Anyone can start implementing them. Why not start now!! I believe I have these elements in various degrees but I am always trying to improve. Points #5(They Embrace Change) and #6 (They Embrace Failure) are the ones I really like. Without change I cannot fully open my mind. This change causes me to think out of the box and it brings about contentment, as I have been able to adapt to change constantly. I understand that most people do not like change. I get that, but for me without change my life would be dull. With change however their can be failure. I find that exciting!!. Why? Because it means that I am thinking outside the box and not everything works as planned. Sometimes it does not work at all. But here is the biggest lesson that "Mentally Strong People" gain while embracing failure. Failure can lead you to success and that is something I love about failure. You need to keep an open mind and look for possibilities that surround you, your family, your team, or your company to succeed.

Please review the 11 Habits of Mentally Strong People below. My goal is for you to learn and start to develop your own habits.

-- By Mitchell Minge Director of Sales and Marketing, Parkville Manor

11 Habits of Mentally Strong People.pdf (256.8KB)

Gourmet Living at Parkville Manor

Parkville Manor serves the best meals for seniors in Saskatoon. We understand what it means to be a foodie and approach each and every meal with passion, flavour and panache. This Roast Rack of Lamb with Balsamic Mint Sauce is considered standard everyday fare in our dining room. Don't settle for frozen waffles for dinner when you could be living the gourmet life with us! Why not take a tour and taste the difference for yourself? Call 306-933-9394 today and taste the difference Parkville makes. 

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