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We believe in living life to the fullest. That is why we never underestimate the importance of health and wellness at Parkville Manor. Our spa services not only can help improve your physical health, but they can also aid in improving your emotional wellbeing. Personal care is an important part of maintaining a healthy and happy life. We provide services such as personal care showers, infrared spa relaxation and hydrotherapy specifically focused for seniors and those who need extra assistance.

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Personal Care Shower
$20/hour – minimum of 2 hours. Towels Included.

As we age the smaller things in life become a bit more difficult. Here at Parkville we are here to make your bathing experience as relaxing and comfortable as possible. Our personal care shower services provide you with one-on-one personal assistance, a full body shower, changing clothing assistance, hair washing, lotion application and safe transfers.

* Please make sure to bring personal toiletries, change of clothing and any incontinence products.

Add haircut and style for $35.

Infrared Spa
Rates based upon availability.

Infrared light therapy provides the body with all the benefits of natural sunlight, without the harmful UV rays. Infrared therapy sessions help to detoxify the body and helps to stop the accumulation of toxins in our system, which helps to prevent diseases, strengthen the immune system, decrease the recovery time from cold and flus and helps to relieve joint and muscle pains.

Suggested Health Benefits:

  • Increased circulation.
  • Helps to control blood pressure.
  • Reduces inflammation and swelling.
  • Helps to control cholesterol levels.
  • Aids in weight loss and strengthens cardio-vascular system.

Add haircut and style for $35.

Hydrotherapy Tub
$20/hr – minimum of 2 hour sessions.

Hydrotherapy is a natural holistic therapy that has been around for centuries. Hydrotherapy has many health benefits which help's to sooth the body and muscles. When submerged in water the weightlessness you experience helps to relieve your body of many of the effectives of gravity. As the water gently kneads your body it stimulates the touch receptors on your skin, increases blood circulation and releases tight muscles.

Suggested Health Benefits:

  • Relieves stress and relaxes joints and muscles.
  • Helps to detoxify the body of toxins.
  • Increases metabolic rate and aids digestion.
  • Helps to boost the immune system.
  • Increases blood circulation, which helps to improve the function of organs.
Add haircut and style for $35.

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